Year of Faith in Kalaupapa

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Community Contributed

By Father Pat Killilea, St. Francis Church, Kalaupapa

When I first learned that Pope Benedict had called us to a special Year of Faith, my initial thought was, “What is this? Aren’t we called to live the Faith every year?” Perhaps it is the son of a farmer in me that tells me that a farmer’s work is every day of every week of every year. So every year for the Christian Catholic should be a Year of Faith. Then of course it dawned on me that Pope Benedict intended that this Year of Faith is meant to renew the entire People of God in the Faith and to challenge us ” to share our Faith boldly with others,” as our own Bishop Larry Silva said in his letter to us at the beginning of this Year of Faith.…

Suds for Service

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Suds for Service

Photo by Catherine Cluett

Family and friends of four ministries and churches held a free car wash Saturday behind the Store House in order to serve the community as well as to present the gospel in a new and fun way.

Though the church suggested a $1 donation, after the wash, the driver would unexpectedly receive their dollar back. Pastor Bill Umi said their main goal was to “see them drive away blessed.”

“It’s not our intention [to receive donations]” said Umi. “We want to really explain that this is a labor of worship.”

Umi said he originally got the idea from a Pastor in Canada and that this event was the first of its kind on Molokai.…

Italian Ministry Visits Molokai

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Italian Ministry Visits Molokai

Five members from Sisters of the Sacred Hearts from Rome, Italy — the same Catholic congregation as St. Damien — arrived on Molokai Thursday, Sept. 27, as part of their trip to visit other Sacred Heart provinces across the world. During their two-day stay on the island, the group met with Molokai sisters as well as spent a day in Kalaupapa. After returning to Oahu, their next stop will be Massachusetts. From left to right: Sr. Alicia Mamani, Sr. Mary McCloskey, Sr. Emperatriz Arrobo, Sr. Aurora Laguarda, Sr. Gregoria Marin.…

Brother Dutton Statue Installed

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Brother Dutton Statue Installed

The Brother Dutton statue is installed, pictured here with Father Bill Petrie, Galen Hodell and Matthew Bicoy of St. Damien Catholic Parish. Photo by Catherine Cluett.

Molokai Catholic parishioners got to see the face of a new statue of Brother Joseph Dutton for the first time when it arrived on the island from China last Thursday. The statue of the Civil War veteran who worked for 45 years in Kalaupapa with St. Damien depicts him in his youth wearing his Union uniform. There is a growing movement to promote Dutton to sainthood alongside Damien and Marianne Cope, and the statue may be one starting point for that process, said Molokai’s Father Bill Petrie of St.…

Anointed With Hope

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Thousands of pounds of free food and goods and dozens of services were given away on Molokai last weekend during what has been called the largest humanitarian event in the island’s history.  But more importantly, organizers of the Weekend of Hope said the event was a celebration of fellowship, unity and helping your neighbor.

The Weekend of Hope, held Friday through Sunday at the Kaunakakai Ball Park, was the culmination of months of planning and the efforts of 11 local churches as well as organizers nation-wide. The weekend included three major events: the Convoy of Hope that provided a host of free food and services; the Concert of Hope, featuring well-known musicians from around Hawaii and the country; and the Message of Hope on Sunday morning — a unified church service that spoke directly to the true intention of the weekend’s events.…

Breaking the Silence

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Breaking the Silence

Vigil Remembers Malia and Kaimana Kahalewai

“I want to be the last mother standing here,” said Mary Jane Kahalewai, as she stood before community members — each holding a lit candle — remembering the lives of her children Malia and Kaimana.

A vigil gathering was held last week in their honor and other victims of domestic violence.

“God can take what is deadly… what is wrong… and something good can come out of it,” said Pastor Robert Sahagun on the Molokai Public Library lawn at dusk last Wednesday. “And that is why we’re here.”

“For us, it’s about awareness, giving aloha to the family and [letting people know] we’re available if anyone needs help,” said Wanette Lee, Program Director of Hale Ho`omalu Women’s Shelter and the Alternatives to Violence Program.…

Brother Dutton Statue Gifted to Molokai

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Molokai is already home to two saints — Damien and Marianne — and if efforts continue, the island might be known for a third: Brother Joseph Dutton. Dutton worked alongside St. Damien and Marianne to serve Hansen’s disease patients in Kalaupapa, but he is just as known for his rocky past before becoming a Catholic. Thanks to Oahu benefactor John Perreira and a few local residents, including the late Larry Helm, a statue of Dutton will soon arrive on Molokai to help tell the story of a transformation from soldier to would-be saint.

A Relatable Life
Dutton served in the Northern Army during the Civil War and climbed the ranks for his loyal service.…

Weekend of Hope

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Twenty-two and a half tons of free groceries. Two thousand one hundred pairs of free children’s shoes. Thirteen hair stylists offering free haircuts. These are the statistics for an event called the Convoy of Hope on Molokai this weekend, part of a three-day Weekend of Hope. But the humanitarian effort is about more than just numbers and free services — organizers say it’s really about bringing churches and people together to share an important message: helping one another and sharing hope.

Four years ago, churches on Molokai teamed up for the first Concert of Hope, featuring award-winning and well-known Christian musicians from around the state.…

Tough Day Eased by Music

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Tough Day Eased by Music

Ho`olehua Veterans Cemetery was filled with the power of music on Memorial Day last Monday as singers and veterans united to honor the fallen.

“If you ask any veteran who has been in war,” said Molokai veteran Jesse Church, “they’ll tell you Memorial Day is the toughest day of the year emotionally because of the people you knew personally who didn’t come back with you.”

Church said despite the time off work, Memorial Day is not a day to enjoy; it is a day for remembrance. As Oahu-based vocal ensemble Melemai Kapu`uwaimai performed beside the graves, the mood was somber yet hopeful.…

22 tons of hope

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

22 tons of hope

As families come out to Kaunakakai Ball Park this July to receive free food, entertainment and services, they just may receive something else as well – hope.

Convoy of Hope, a faith-based nonprofit whose mission is to feed the world, will come to Molokai July 19, 20 and 21, offering free groceries, family portraits, haircuts, health screenings, shoes and lunch to everyone who shows up for their weekend of hope.

Lynette Eastman, Convoy of Hope Hawaii organizer, said they will have 22 tons of groceries – 5,000 bags – waiting for the families who come out.

“We will not allow anything to be sold,” Scott Sonoda, Convoy of Hope Hawaii coordinator, said.…